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Sea Vegetables(2)

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Liquid Supplement For Healthy Thyroid Support

Balance your thyroid function, supercharge your energy levels and enhance your holistic health! Give your body hard-to-find nutrients in this convenient, whole food, plant-based formulation.


health basics:

Weight Management, Immune Support, Stress Management, Lifestyle & Fitness

Vegan Certified

gluten free

non gmo

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Sea Vegetables contains 7 different sea plants, hand-harvested from the coldest waters on the planet.

Our ingredients make sure that you get high levels of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, flavonoids, and most importantly iodine.

Health Benefits:

Sea Vegetables gives you the help and solution you need to…

  • Ease stress responses and tackle your day with confidence!
  • Boost your energy levels and crush your depression!
  • Enjoy the foods you love, without feeling guilty!
  • Increase your iodine intake and keep your body systems balanced!
  • Fight fatigue and race into your to-do list!

Suggested Use: Take 2 droppers (2mL) before breakfast and 2 droppers before lunch. Best if taken 30 minutes before meals.

  • Simply squeeze the dropper bulb.
  • 1 time equals 1 mL
  • 1mL- 2 times before breakfast
  • 1mL - 2 times before lunch

Ingredients Overview

Sea Vegetables contains a powerful blend of these globally-sourced ingredients:

Kombu:This sea plant helps develop cognition in humans and helps your body absorb iodine, all while acting as an incredible flavor enhancer.

Sea Lettuce: This anti-inflammatory antioxidant is used globally in cuisine. But, we extract its most potent properties to ensure you get its benefits, without having to eat a whole plate of seaweed.

Irish Moss: This powerful red seaweed is packed with protein, iodine, amino acids, peptides, lipids and pigments; a combination that makes it one of the most nutrient-dense ingredients in your bottle of Sea Vegetables.

Focus evanescens: Fill the big gaps and the small gaps in your nutrition with this powerhouse of micro and macro elements. Harness its unsaturated fatty acids to assist in protecting your nervous system.

Rockweed: Ignite your metabolism and feel energized all day long with this antioxidant Sea Vegetables ingredient from the North Atlantic Ocean.

Bladderwrack: Help protect yourself against the perils of obesity and iodine deficiency. This sea plant helps make sure you stand a fighting chance against the battle of the bulge.

Order Your Bottle Of Sea Vegetables Now!

Don't Leave Yourself Open To Nutritional Deficiencies (and all the problems they can cause...) In Times Of Global Instability!

We harvest our plants from their native soils and waters around the world, ensuring you get the ingredient's maximum potency that can only be derived from their natural growing regions. This means that your best bet is to order your supply of Sea Vegetables Now! We even offer you a subscription option for your convenience!

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