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Bone Health

Ways To Build and Maintain Strong Bones

Bones are the framework of the human body. They are made up of tissue that undergoes a constant, cyclical process of building, degradation, and rebuilding. Consuming a highly nutritious diet plays a vital role in developing and maintaining bone structures (1). Feed your body a healthy diet that includes leafy greens, protein, and calcium-rich foods (2).

Taking vitamin D supplements is another way to maintain calcium levels in the body, and doing so can help you develop strong bones (3). Additionally, vitamin K may also help promote healthy bone structure (4). To enjoy a bone-healthy lifestyle, limit drinking and smoking. Toxins hinder the body’s ability to absorb calcium, contributing to lower bone density, which can mean weaker bones (5).

Bone Health Information & Research

Q.1 What are the best vitamins for bone health?

Bone health is best supported by a combination of nutrients. Specifically, calcium, boron, vitamin D and vitamin K together work to ensure maximum nutrient absorption within the body.

Vitamin D helps regulate calcium levels, and vitamin K helps support a particular protein type that is responsible for healthy bone structure. Meanwhile, boron can help extend the half life of vitamin D within the body.

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